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Non-metal dental ceramics



Zircon takes less sanding, and uses computer scanning technology which creates a Zircon cap that provides accuracy and precision of the crown. Crowns can be produced and the back teeth because tolerate strong masticatory pressure. Zircon also has a strong resistance. White zircon cap allows us to obtain a screening colour, and make ”tooth alive.”


Emax crowns

Full ceramic crowns are full metal free crowns with great transparency and are the perfect choice for your teeth in the anterior region. They are made of pure ceramic and are characterized by translucency which gives them a natural look but also narrows the choice for making teeth in the anterior region.



Veeners popularly called “flakes”. If the patient is not satisfied with the shape and color of teeth a minimum intervention on the front of the teeth enables that a Veener flake comes over nd solves the color, shape and position of teeth or slight orthodontic anomaly.

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