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Hyaluronic & Botox

Vratite prirodan volumen Vašem licu uz hijaluronske punjače. Uvidite razliku odmah pri završetku zahvata.

Hyaluronic i botox

The hyaluronic acid is part of the natural compisition of our skin. Young skin contains a
greater concentration of the hyaluronic acid. The aging process reduces the amount of the
hyaluronic acid, as well as the network of collagen fibers, which causes dry skin and
wrinkles. The face loses volume and the skin loses its elasticity. By using dermal fillers we
restore the skin’s natural sheen and elasticity and increase the facial volume. We also
influence the new collagen buildup by stimulating other skin cells. In our work we use
fillers produced by the Austrian manufacturer CROMA, named Saypha (former Princess).
Following the procedure, the user receives a certificate from the manufacturer. In this way
we fill out wrinkles in the area around the mouth and we restore lip volume.

Botox is a natural purified protein produced with the aid of the bacterium Clostridium
botulinum. It has been in use in aesthetic medicine for over ten years. Botox relaxes certain
muscles which control facial movements. In this way we remove facial wrinkles. Botox has
localized effect, which means that it only affects the injection site. There is no scientific
evidence in support of the harmful effects of botox and the complications in the form of
slight bruising heal quickly.

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