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Bridges, Crowns


Tooth loss impairs human aesthetic and functional significance. If we ignore the place where it originated loss of teeth eventually come up with a variety of changes, I often hear, “my cheeks are awful after losses teeth”, “I look older,” “I naturally have ugly teeth.” Should you ignore it today in the 21st century when technology is so advanced that the patient can have a perfect smile? So it’s not impossible, and not necessarily to look older. It is not just a matter of aesthetics that patient receives filling in the empty space, but the masticatory efficiency improves so we can chew up healthier foods and improve our digestive system. Also, the joint is relieved which means that we are improving our health.


Metal ceramic crowns

We must not forget metal ceramic crown, especially today when purchasing power decreases. Often times, the price of highly praised nonmetal ceramics is not so attractive to people. Metal ceramics lacks the natural translucency but a good technician can achieve high aesthetics and tooth will not differ from the natural.


Nonmetal prothesis

If we have a partial or complete loss of teeth, and for justified reasons, we opt for another option that might give us a good result then to do a partial or complete dentures. With non-metal prostheses we can definitely make life easier and make chewing, speech and aesthetics satisfactory. These are dentures that do not cause an allergic reaction, do not break and are flexible and “invisible”. The clasp can be made in the color of your teeth. Laboratory analysis is carried out without the use of monomers or catalysts that cause allergies. Special treatment occurring bases are polished to a high gloss that gives complete naturalness and the patient feels like they have their own teeth. Why metal when it might be the color of teeth. The patient no longer has to be caring whether anyone can see that he has a prosthesis. Dentures can be” invisible” and yet comfortable to wear without a “gritty” pain and constant tension. Such things put metal dentures in the past. These braces are much more aesthetically pleasing, functional and biocompatible then regular or metal braces.

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