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Conservative dentistry


Treatment of teeth

Each tooth is unique and we should be fighting for it to stay in the oral cavity. A There was a time when every aching tooth was pulled out. Often, when patients with tooth ask for a tooth to be removed and resolve the pain. But that’s not the solution. Situations like “I have a throbbing pain”, “pain is going to my brain”, meaning that the moment has come when the tooth is ill and requires treatment.

Today this can be done in one visit. Cavities, if not treated start to spread and progress deeper and deeper. At one point it will infect a nerve that would cause “throbbing pain”. Pain can sometimes disappear because decay progresses and leads to necrosis that is dying the nerve. Sometimes the patient wakes up in the morning with swelling of the face where the cavity is. Treatment does not have to be discomforting because patients are terrified of “needles” in the channel.

We treat with U.S. system” DENTSPLY “. Using them the treatment of root canals is faster, more efficient and more thorough than by hand and a lot more comfortable. The aim is to remove the remains of nerve pulp, clean the canals of infected bacteria, expand channels, sanitize them and then we can close with the appropriate fillers. When a tooth is filled an X-rays control is performed to see whether indeed everything is right and then patient is shown an x-ray picture. When a tooth is cured, we restore a tooth, or arrange some other solution if it the crown of the tooth is damaged. Is some cases we can achieve better efficiency by placing small pins inside the channel which gives the strength of the tooth, or we simply put the crown.

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